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Acousta-Glide Brass Slide (Large)  

Large: 13/16" (.8125")

These substantial, beautifully made slides are used by many of the greatest acoustic slide players. With a deft touch on the part of the player, these slides produce a brilliantly clear, sustaining bell-like tone from acoustic guitars. 

Sizes: The slides are flanged a bit on one end, allowing the slide to follow the curve of the fretboard. They come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. The difference among them is not in the length, but rather in the diameter of the opening for your finger. 

Small: 11/16" (.6875")
Medium: 3/4" (.75") SOLD OUT
Large: 13/16" (.8125")
X-Large: 7/8" (.875")

How to Determine Your Size: To determine which size is correct for you, do a little math: Measure the circumference at the base of the finger you will use. (Use a flexible tape measure from a sewing kit.) Divide that number by 3.14 (pi - use your calculator!) and you will have the diameter of your finger - in the metric system. Choose the slide that is the next larger size.

Mark Hanson uses Acousta-Glide on his acoustic and resonator guitars, wearing the slide on his little finger. To determine his size, he divided 2.5" (the circumference at the base of his little finger) by 3.14 and got .79". This number is between medium and large on the chart above. So Mark wears the next larger size, a Large at .8125". 

Note: Wearing the slide on the little finger allows the player to fret full chords, when necessary, in a slide tune.