Alternate Tunings

Hi, everyone!

Several years ago we published the Complete Book of Alternate Tunings. It received rave reviews and became our best-selling book ever, thanks to folks like you.

We joked in the intro to that book that we should have named it the Impossible-to-Complete Book of Alternate Tunings or some such, since new tunings and new uses for existing ones are being invented every day. To that end we have added this section to our website.

Over the next months we will regularly post outtakes from the Complete Book book on our website database. The listings will include pages and pages of information that we just didn't have room to fit in the book. Plus, I have been compiling new information weekly on the use of tunings in the guitar realm. That information will find its way into these listings as well.

Have fun with this information. Remember, in the Complete Book of Alternate Tunings there are 40 pages of listings like this. We would be happy if you checked it out.


To see a listing from our database, just click on an artist's name below:
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Keola Beamer
Pierre Bensusan
Martin Carthy
Paul Chasman
Sonny Chillingworth
Bruce Cockburn
Ry Cooder
David Crosby
Days of the New

William Ackerman Tunes using Alternate Tunings
Title Tuning Album/Source
Anne's Song F# A# c# d# a# c#' Capo V Childhood And Memory
Brother A D A d g a d' Imaginary Roads
Buzzard C# F# c# g# b f#' Search For The Turtle's Navel
Childhood F A c c g b-flat Childhood And Memory
Darrow's Barn E-flat G B-flat f b-flat c' Capo V Imaginary Roads
Dawn Treader D-flat G-flat d-flat f b-flat d-flat Capo II Imaginary Roads
Floyd's Ghost D# G# A# c# c' c' Capo V Imaginary Roads; Sampler '89
If You Look D G B-flat f b-flat c' Capo V Imaginary Roads
Moment, The D A d g a d' Imaginary Roads
Pink Chiffon Tricycle C D d f# a b Search For The Turtle's Navel
Processional D# G# d# f# a# b Capo V Passage; Retrospective
Region Of Clouds F A-flat c a-flat b-flat eb' Imaginary Roads
Seattle D-flat A-flat d-flat d-flat a-flat d-flat' Sampler '81; Childhood & Memory; Retrospective
Shape Of The Land E-flat B-flat c f c' d' Conferring With The Moon
Slow Motion D G d f c' d' Search For The Turtle's Navel
Tortion Bar E A e g b e' Search For The Turtle's Navel
Townshend Shuffle Open C (C G c g c' e') Search For The Turtle's Navel