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When the subtotal of your order is $13.35 or more (this offer excludes digital downloads), we will include a CD with your choice of one of the bonus items listed below. Each CD includes TAB and standard notation in easily printable pdf format, performance- and slow-speed recordings of the tune, plus Mark's tutorial explaining how to play it. Not available as a separately ordered item. Applicable to product orders only. (Remember, this offer excludes digital downloads.)

To receive your free bonus, make your choice from the list below and click on the "Add to Cart" button. Limit of one bonus item per order

Parting Glass  
This is Mark's beautiful fingerstyle solo version of this classic Irish goodbye song. Audio/Standard Notation/Tablature cart icon
"Water Is Wide"  
Mark's beautiful version of this classic American folk tune is a big hit on YouTube, with over 100,000 views. On this DVD, Mark not only performs and teaches the tune in the key of E - the version seen on YouTube - but also arranges and plays easier versions in the keys of C and D (in drop-D tuning). This DVD is an outtake from Mark's How to Arrange DVD, featuring great camera work, three versions from easy to challenging, and U-Print tablature and notation.
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"Pachelbel's Canon in D"  
Mark's solo-fingerstyle arrangement of the classic wedding piece "Pachelbel's Canon in D." This three-minute version is very playable, with easy, moderate, and challenging passages!
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"Hesitation Blues"  
Mark's new solo-fingerstyle arrangement of the blues classic "Hesitation Blues." No vocals necessary. Standard tuning, with variations.
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If you prefer, you may choose one of the following as an alternate bonus. NOTE: only one free bonus per order. If two titles are selected, we will send our newest release.
"Ode to Joy"  
This is a drop-D arrangement of “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, complete with a 5/4 meter section and improvisational cadenza!
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"Morning Has Broken"  
Mark’s beautiful, flowing arrangement of this classic includes four variations. Standard-tuning.
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Please note: This free bonus is available ONLY to customers who place product orders totaling $13.35 or more, and is not applicable to digital download orders. Not available as separately ordered items.