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Mark Hanson’s Travis Picking Package!

Includes All Three of Mark's Travis Picking Books / CDs

by Mark Hanson

These three titles by Mark Hanson take you from the beginnings of alternating-bass Travis picking to advanced fingerstyle solos and cool renditions of some of the most famous pop songs of the past 50 years.

Mark’s Contemporary Travis Picking starts you at ground zero by introducing the four basic patterns and their variations, and expanding to your first two guitar solos.

Art Of Solo Fingerpicking continues by covering a multitude of techniques and a ton of cool solos to play, including standard, Drop-D, DADGAD, and Double Drop-D tunings.

Mark’s 2015 book/CD, Travis Pick the Hits! is not only a great source of solo guitar repertoire, but provides a wealth of insight into specific techniques and musical interpretation to help you sound your best!


Mark Hanson’s Travis Picking Package!

Mark Hanson’s Travis Picking Package!

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