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How to Play Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Solos (DVD)  

Mark Hanson

Acclaimed guitar educator Mark Hanson teaches you how to play great fingerpicking blues guitar instrumentals on this new DVD. Included are Mark’s wonderful arrangements of "Every Night When the Sun Goes Down," "Stick With Me, Baby," and his extended bluesy guitar solo of the classic "Amazing Grace."

Also included is an extensive explanation of developing fingerstyle blues solo techniques using multi-voiced back-up shuffle patterns. As added bonuses, Mark is shown playing his highly regarded arrangement of the folk classic "Water Is Wide" and his new ragtime-blues rave up "Riff Raff."

The DVD includes slow and performance tempos, explanations of the intricacies of the tunes, chord grid overlays, multiple camera angles and close-ups, and 56 pages of detailed TAB and standard notation in PDF format for printing, including the performance versions of "Water Is Wide" and "Riff Raff."

No matter what level player you are, this is a great study of fingerstyle blues guitar. You will learn to easily move around the entire guitar neck, expand your technique for both hands, and add several enjoyable tunes to your repertoire.

ALSO AVAILABLE: We also offer a printed score of the PDF files that are on this DVD as a separate product. Visit the Fingerstyle Blues Printed Score page in our Notation & Tablature section for more details.