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Art of Solo Fingerpicking - 30th Anniversary Edition!   NEW!

For Intermediate and More Advanced Fingerpickers

Mark Hanson

This revised and updated book and online audio thoroughly describe the intermediate-to-advanced picking techniques associated with some of today's greatest fingerstyle players. Included in 50 Greatest Guitar Books, the new edition features four new pieces from the author, viewable on YouTube. The book contains 14 solo instrumentals and numerous technique-building exercises. All music is played at half- and full- speed. This book has garnered the highest praise during its existence! You'll be able to add hot techniques and pieces to your repertoire with this title. 

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Table of Contents

What You Need to Know
The Music and Online Audio
Right-Hand Position
Left-Hand Position
Alternating-Bass Fundamentals
How To Practice
"Red, White & Blue Rag"
Beyond Pattern Playing
Freeing the Fingers
Rearranging Finger Notes
Variations on Rearranging
Deleting Finger Notes
Adding Finger Notes
"Devil's Dream"
"Freight Train"
Freeing The Thumb
"Cast Away"
"Easy Virtue"
Alternating Bass In Other Meters
Quarter-Note Meters
Eighth-Note Meters
Additional Thumb Techniques
Thumb Plays Melody
Overlap Of Right-Hand Thumb And Fingers
Right-Hand Rolls
Three-Note Rolls
Four-Note Rolls
"Hesitation Blues"
"Dedicated to Mississippi John Hurt"
Five-Note Rolls
"Golden Valley"
Left-Hand Damping
"Good Time Blues"
Right-Hand Damping
Rest Stroke
Combining Left- and Right-Hand Damping
"Twin Sisters"
Gaining Speed: Left-Hand Articulation
"Strawberry Curl"
Appendix A: Tablature
Appendix B: Glossary; Guitar Information
Appendix C: Contemporary Travis Picking Pieces