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Alternate Tunings Picture Chords  

Mark Hanson

This great 144-page book contains hand-position photographs of 1,340 chords in over 50 tunings!

The tunings range from the most common--Drop-D, Open-D, Open-G, and a great section on the Celtic tuning DADGAD--to the most bizarre. The book includes chords used by artists as diverse as Joni Mitchell, Leo Kottke, Ani DiFranco and Mary Chapin Carpenter, to Hawaiian Slack Key artists and rockers the Rolling Stones, Soundgarden and Sonic Youth.

Alternate Tunings Picture Chords is a great companion to The Complete Book of Alternate Tunings. The Complete Book teaches you how to produce the tunings and how to use them on your guitar, while Alternate Tunings Picture Chords vastly stretches the boundaries of your knowledge in an incredible variety of tunings.

In addition to the hand-position photographs for all of the chords, the book includes standard notation, tablature, chord grids, and an extensive list of artists whose chords and tunings are included.

Table of Contents

Twenty-three "D-Bass" Tunings including:
Double Drop-D; Double-D Down
DADGAD; D suspended 4th
Drop-D Lute Tuning
Open D-Minor
D major 7th; D Wahine
G major 7th; G Wahine
G suspended 4th
Open G-Minor
Fifteen "C-Bass" Tunings including:
Open C-Minor
Open-G with C bass
C Mauna Loa
Fourteen "E-Bass" Tunings including:
All Fourths
A Pipe
Three "B-Bass" Tunings
G-Bass Tuning
G G d d g g
Artist Listing
How to Tune to an Alternate Tuning