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Art of Contemporary Travis Picking - 30th Anniversary Edition  

For Beginning-to-Intermediate Travis Pickers

Mark Hanson

This updated course - hardcopy book and expanded online audio - is, by acclaim, the best teaching method available for the popular alternating-bass fingerpicking style, commonly called "Travis Picking." It contains a comprehensive study of the basic patterns and myriad variations of the style, taking you through your first two solo pieces!

The online audio is exceedingly user friendly, having been expanded to 140+ minutes, with all of the examples played at length at both slow- and performance-speed. This Notation/TAB/Audio package is great for both beginning fingerpickers and more advanced players who want to learn this style. Fourteen pieces in all, arranged in gradually increasing degrees of difficulty.

Mark spent several years in his twenties developing this teaching method. This perennial best seller has sold six-figure numbers over the years, and is heard in countless professional recordings and onstage everywhere!

Highly recommended!

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Table of Contents

What You Need to Know
The Songs and the Recording
Picking-Hand Position
Four Basic Travis Pick Patterns
Pattern 1: “Outside-In”
Changing Chords
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Songs to Play
“Sloop John B.”
Pattern 2: “Inside Out”
Alternating I-O and O-I
“John Barleycorn”
Pattern 3: “Pinch”
“Will the Circle Be Unbroken”
Additional Emphasis for the Pinch
“The Trees They Do Grow High”
Pattern 4: “Descending Arpeggio”
“Hush, Little Baby”
Ring-Finger Variations
Recognizing Ring-Finger Variations
“Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad”
Introductory Melody Playing
“Freight Train”
Necessities of Good Accompaniment Playing
Three-String Bass Patterns
“Watch the Stars”
Six-String Playing
“Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms”
Hammer-on and Pull-Off
Consecutive Slurs
“I Know You Rider”
Two Chords Per Measure
Simultaneous Finger Notes
“The Water Is Wide”
Rhythmic Variations
“Hesitation Blues”
“Over and Out Rag”
"Art of Solo Fingerpicking" Preview
“Over and Out” Performance Notes
Appendix A: People to Hear
Appendix B: Contemporary Travis Picking Songs
Appendix C: Glossary
Appendix D: Tablature Guide
Appendix E: Chord Chart/Guitar Information