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Fingerstyle Guitar by Mark Hanson  

Mark Hanson

This great book/CD combination by Mark Hanson has been in the Accent On Music catalog for some time, but now makes its appearance on the website. Mark's article and tune "Canyon Canon" from this book graces the pages of Acoustic Guitar magazine's April, 2001 issue.

This book/CD is a print version of Mark’s Fingerstyle Guitar DVD  It starts out with several basic fingerpicking arpeggios for beginning fingerpickers, all used to play cool tunes. Mark made every effort to compose playable, beautiful tunes using these relative easy arpeggios. No D-A7 back-and-forth boredom. These tunes are nice! Many players have recorded themselves on YouTube playing the first tune in the book: “Canyon Canon.”

Mark then moves into alternating-bass "Travis Picking," with self-composed tunes like the ragtime "Taylor's Ferry" and the Kottke-esque "Key to the Kingdom." (Mark plays these regularly in his performances.) There is even a lovely version of "Brahm's Lullaby" included.

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Table of Contents

Tuning Notes
Right-Hand Position
"Canyon Canon"
Fingerpicking in 3/4 Time
The Travis Picking Pattern
Playin' the Blues
Other Alternating Bass Patterns
"Four Per Bar"
Other Accompaniment Patterns Using the Travis Style
"Key to the Kingdom"
The Blues with Alternating Bass
More Cool Tunes
"Taylor's Ferry"
"Brahm's Lullaby"