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Mark Hanson

Author’s Notes, Mark Hanson’s first solo CD since Yuletide Guitar, has been released to critical acclaim. The recording includes 14 tunes: 12 solo fingerstyle tunes, and two "produced" tunes with additional guitars, drums, and Hammond B-3 organ!

Among Mark’s new compositions are the 6-minute-long tour-de-force "Unicycle", the jaunty "Beeline", and the beautiful ballad "Postscript". For the hip band version of Mark's tune "The Wad", he brought in two talented friends: jazz drummer Carlton Jackson, and keyboardist George Mitchell, a longtime member of Diana Ross’ band.

Also included for the first time on a listening CD are new and enhanced arrangements of Mark’s hits "Key to the Kingdom", "Mt. Tabor Breeze", and "Taylor’s Ferry". Mark has recorded haunting solo versions of "Foggy Dew", "Water Is Wide", and his stunning rendition of the Ray Charles hit "You Don’t Know Me".

Individual scores for selected tracks on the CD are also available. These are written in standard notation and tablature. To see a list of these scores, please go to our Notation & Tab page.

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