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Pink Guitar  

Fingerstyle Guitar Solos of Classic Henry Mancini Melodies

Mark Hanson with Tommy Emmanual, Laurence Juber, Pat Donohue, Al Petteway, Doug Smith, and others

Pink Guitar was awarded the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards on February 13, 2005 in Los Angeles. Congratulations to producer James Jensen, and to the 12 guitarists who contributed to the album.

- Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson has contributed two arrangements to this great tribute CD of Henry Mancini tunes for fingerstyle guitar. Other great players who contributed arrangements include Laurence Juber (a stunning version of "Pink Panther"), Pat Donohue (a fingerbusting "Peter Gunn"), Ed Gerhard ("Moon River"), Al Petteway ("Thornbirds Theme"), and Doug Smith ("It's Easy to Say" from "10"). Mark's solo is "The Sweetheart Tree" from the movie "The Great Race."

The tunes range from Juber's and Donohue's high energy arrangements to Gerhard's beautifully sweet "Moon River" and Wayne Johnson's jazzy "Dear Heart." Doug and Mark's scintillating duet arrangement of "A Shot in the Dark" finishes the CD.

Track Listing:

  1. Pink Panther Theme (Laurence Juber)
  2. Moon River (Ed Gerhard)
  3. Days of Wine and Roses (David Cullen)
  4. It's Easy to Say (Doug Smith)
  5. Peter Gunn (Pat Donohue)
  6. The Thornbirds Theme (Al Petteway)
  7. The Sweetheart Tree (Mark Hanson)
  8. What's Happening (Mike Dowling)
  9. Charade (Aaron Stang)
  10. Dear Heart (Wayne Johnson)
  11. Baby Elephant Walk (William Coulter)
  12. Two for the Road (Amrit Sond)
  13. A Shot in the Dark (Hanson & Smith)


I just got the Pink Guitar CD yesterday in the mail, and in the afternoon watched Laurence Juber play 'The Pink Panther Theme' in concert. What a cool arrangement. And the rest of the tunes on the CD are played with the beauty and quirkiness they deserve. Ed Gerhard's arrangement of 'Moon River' will bring Andy Williams back into your consciousness as will Wayne Johnson's 'Dear Heart.' Pat Donohue plays 'Peter Gunn' like we all wanted to when we started on that bass line but never got any further. I'll need to learn these and Bill Coulter's 'Baby Elephant Walk' and Aaron Stang's 'Charade' and.....well all the rest. All the tunes are great and played wonderfully by all the performers. I'd vote for a Grammy for it. This CD may throw me out of the Beatle tune phase into the Mancini tune phase. Congratulations!
David Hilyard, Santa Cruz, California

Paying tribute to one of the great composers of the 20th Century - the legendary Henry Mancini, PINK GUITAR features an assortment of some of his signature pieces presentd as acoustic guitar interpretations. Listening to this album you are struck by how strong (and memorable) Mancini's compositions are...even with zero background accompaniment, the melodies are just as powerful as they would be if they were performaed with a full orchestra. The album also shows how diverse Mancini's repetoire is. "Moon River" (stunningly performed by Ed Gerhard) captures the very meaning of romance, while "Pink Panther Theme" and "Baby Elephant Walk" show a more playful , mischievous side to his composing style. Artists featured include Laurence Juber, Al Petteway, David Cullen, William Coulter and more.
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