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Everybody’s Pickin’ On Leiber & Stoller  

Legends of Acoustic Guitar Salute the Legendary Songwriters

Mark Hanson with Tommy Emmanual, Laurence Juber, Pat Donohue, Al Petteway, Doug Smith, and others

James Jensen at Solid Air Records has released another wonderful compilation CD of fingerstyle solo guitar arrangements, this time from the classic music of legendary songwriters Leiber & Stoller. The CD includes Mark’s slide version (in G-flat7 tuning!) of “Kansas City”, and his hilarious duet with Doug Smith of “Yakety Yak”.

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Track Listing:

  1. Stand By Me (Nick Charles)
  2. Kansas City (Mark Hanson)
  3. Charlie Brown (Arlen Roth)
  4. Fools Fall in Love (Doug Smith)
  5. On Broadway (David Cullen)
  6. Love Me (Elliot Easton)
  7. Poison Ivy (Laurence Juber)
  8. D.W. Washburn (Mike Dowling)
  9. Bossa Nova Baby (Greg Hawkes)
  10. Searchin’ (Alex deGrassi)
  11. Jailhouse Rock (Eltjo Haselhoff)
  12. Love Potion No. 9 (Al Petteway)
  13. Ruby Baby (Wayne Johnson)
  14. Hound Dog (Kenny Sultan)
  15. Yakety Yak (Doug Smith & Mark Hanson)

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