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Friendship Stew  

Magical Music Express (Greta Pedersen and Pam Donkin)

This CD by Greta Pedersen, aka "the other half" of Accent On Music, and her Magical Music Express partner Pam Donkin, serves upbeat music about friendship and fun for a rockin' good time. A recipient of the Film Advisory Board's Award of Excellence, it includes many songs Greta uses in her multicultural residencies: “Learning Languages," a song featuring basic Spanish and Japanese vocabulary; the Austrian cuckoo song, "Peter's Brook," “La Granja” (teaching animal names in Spanish), "Funga Alafia" (a Liberian greeting song); "Che Che Kule" from Ghana, and the classic "Day-O;" plus memorable originals by Pam and Greta. BONUS CD-Rom tracks: Hear Mark Hanson's blazing electric guitar work featured on Pam & Greta’s music video "Music Is Magic.” A special Parent/Teacher Activity Guide and song lyrics are also included.

"The music is uniformly catchy… Molly's Dance" (is) an activity song that is destined to become a storytime favorite." -School Library Journal

"An eclectic selection of enjoyable songs from around the world." - Film Advisory Board

List of songs: RUOK; I Just Hate to Make a Mistake (But I Do); I've Got the Power; Sittin' By the River; Molly's Dance; You Are My Friend; Friendship Stew; Learning Languages; Funga Alafia; Peter's Brook (Peter's Brünnele); The Frog's Song; Butterfly; La Granja; Day-O (The Banana Boat Song); Che Che Kule; EWOP (Everything Works Out Perfectly); Goodbye.