Listening CDs

Here we offer Mark’s solo, duet and Acoustic Guitar Summit releases; all of the compilation CDs from Solid Air Records, including the Grammy-Award winning “Pink Guitar” and the most recent “Everybody’s Pickin’ on Leiber and Stoller”; plus releases from some of our favorite acoustic guitar players.

Notation/tablature is available for some of these releases. Individual pieces; Jazz Standards; Pink Guitar.

Mark Hanson
Author’s Notes  CD AM-4055 $14.95
Great American Songbook for Guitar  CD CD-826 $15.99
Love Songs for Guitar  CD CD-830 $15.99
Yuletide Guitar (CD)  CD AM-6044-CD $14.95
Mark Hanson with Tommy Emmanual, Laurence Juber, Pat Donohue, Al Petteway, Doug Smith, and others
Pink Guitar  CD CD-782 $15.45
DeLovely Guitar  CD CD-822 $7.99
Poppin’ Guitars  CD CD-838 $7.99
A Guitar For Elvis  CD CD-842 $7.99
This Guitar's In Love With You  CD CD-862 $7.99
Mark Hanson and Greta Pedersen
Then & Now  CD AM-7416 $17.95
Mark Hanson and Doug Smith
The Power of Two  CD AM-3055 $14.95
Guitar Confluence Live DVD/CD  CD/DVD CD-858 $24.99
Acoustic Guitar Summit
O, Christmas Three  CD AGS-3355 $14.95
Laurence Juber
L.J Plays The Beatles  CD CD-604 $14.95
One Wing  CD CD-798 $14.95
Magical Music Express (Greta Pedersen and Pam Donkin)
Friendship Stew  CD MME-1330-CD $14.95
Friendship Stew  Cassette MME-1330-CS $7.95
Music is Magic!  CD MME-1340 $14.95
Doug Smith
Six-String Paradox  CD CD-854 $15.95