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It's a fast, easy and economical new way to access Mark Hanson and Accent on Music, LLC's library of instructional books and DVDs.

Download and play them on the Instant Access video player or stream them on your computer, smartphone, or other mobile devices. Work with them anywhere, anytime, at the click of a button!

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Browse, search, preview and begin enjoying your products within seconds after purchase.

Instant Access

Watch on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or smart TV, online or offline.


Unlike discs that can get damaged or lost, you'll never lose an Accent on Music Instant Access purchase.


Manufacturing contributes to pollution, and 1.6 billion CDs go into landfills every year. Go green with digital downloads!

Platform Purple is the company that provides the digital delivery platform on which Accent on Music Instant Access operates. After you download purchases, charges will show up on your credit card statement as “Platform Purple, Inc.” Platform Purple handles all technical support as well.

Just click the highlighted link below to launch the complete shop. Click the categories to the left to browse by instrument, style or teacher, and type in the search box to instantly filter the list and find what you’re looking for. Click “more info” to watch a preview and for more details about a lesson you’re interested in.

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You can access your video library anywhere, anytime, on your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone or smart TV. For specific directions, see Downloading and Streaming below.

The first way to enjoy your lessons is by downloading them. Downloading will always give you perfect playback, even if your Internet connection is slow, intermittent, or you are offline completely. You can download your lessons on Windows & Mac computers, iOS devices like iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches, and Android tablets and phones.

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If you have a fast, consistent Internet connection, you can go to our CloudPlayer in just about any browser on almost any device and view your whole collection. It will always be there, ready to stream so you can learn, practice and play along just about anywhere there’s Wi-Fi.

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There is a help page where you can get instant answers through a searchable FAQ, live chat with support and, if you have a technical issue, open a support ticket. The Purple support staff will work with you to resolve any problem, no matter what it takes. During U.S. business hours and evenings, you will usually get a reply within 15 – 30 minutes. Please let the Purple people know if you have any suggestions on improving your experience with Accent on Music Instant Access!

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