Groups Mark Plays In

Solo and Ensemble Playing

As with most guitarists and other instrumentalists, I spend most of my time playing my instruments on my own. Most of my performing is done solo as well, but playing in ensembles can be a tremendously rewarding experience. First, it can solidify your sense of tempo, as you must match rhythm and speed with your partner(s). Second, it causes a player to pay attention to what is going on around him/her, so that the music is together rhythmically, and balanced in volume. Third, it provides ideas and input from another source that may inspire your playing a bit.

Mark Hanson and Greta Pedersen
Mark and GretaMy wife, Greta Pedersen, and I have sung and played guitars together for decades. We even had a nightclub act in the '80s using digital keyboards, an Oberheim DX digital drum, and a Fender Elite Stratocaster. These days our duo consists of vocals, Collings and Goodall acoustic guitars, ukelele, and various percussion instruments, with an occasional dash of lap dulcimer and bass uke. The music is an eclectic mix of jazz, blues, pop standards and originals. For information, visit our duo page.
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Mark and DougMark Hanson and Doug Smith
I also play in a fingerstyle guitar duo Doug Smith, Grammy-Award winner and onetime national fingerpicking champion. We have one CD of self-composed and self-arranged material - Power of Two, and we have a live concert DVD/CD package due for release in early 2013. You can see us on YouTube playing "Bye Bye Blues" and "Masters In The Hall."
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Acoustic Guitar SummitAcoustic Guitar Summit
A third ensemble - Acoustic Guitar Summit began in 1995 as a loosely formed quartet of Portland-area fingerstyle soloists, concertizing together in front of our joined fan bases. We recorded two CDs as a quartet, and have recently released a holiday CD as a trio, O, Christmas Three. The group consists of Cascade Blues Association Hall of Famer Terry Robb, the previously mentioned Doug Smith, and yours truly. To see us on YouTube click here.
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Vocal Quartet
Greta, Doug Smith and his wife Judy, and I have a fun vocal quartet at Christmastime. Our repertoire includes traditional vocal quartets, arrangements using guitars, flute, recorder and ukulele, and a very jazzy vocal arrangement of "Jingle Bell Rock"! Lots of fun.

Guitar/Flute Duets
I also have an extensive repertoire of flute and guitar duets, much of which works well for any C-instrument: violin and recorder, for instance. See my book for more information.

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