Guitars and Strings used by Mark Hanson

Main Guitars

  • 1993 Collings, mahogany SJ
  • 2009 Goodall, Indian rosewood Concert Jumbo
  • 1966 Martin D-28, Brazilian rosewood and Sitka
  • 1970 Gibson L-5 Electric Archtop, maple
  • 2009 National steel-bodied Tricone


I used D'Addario phosphor bronze light-gauge strings for many years, but more recently have been using slightly coated Elixir Nanoweb phosphor bronze light-gauge strings on my acoustics. The tone is rich, noise from sliding across the windings is reduced, and they last for many hours of intense use.

Depending on the state of the frets and the action of the neck, I may replace the .012" first string with a .013". In my fingerstyle solo playing, I work at making the melody on the treble strings stand out above the accompaniment. I accomplish this mainly by controlling the power of my picking-hand fingers and listening closely to what I play, but a slightly heavier first string can also help.