Online Lessons from Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson is not only a gifted guitarist and arranger, but a great one-on-one guitar instructor, having begun his teaching career in 1972. Mark currently uses the free online audio/video service Skype to connect via computer with students around the world! You can also have a lesson - or series of lessons - with Mark. Here's how:

  1. First, download Skype for free to your Mac or PC. If your computer needs a camera and microphone, Skype sells those at a quite reasonable price ($50 or so). Amazon and many other outlets sell these items also. Many recent laptops and desktop computers are equipped with these necessities.

  2. Second, e-mail or call Tami in the Accent On Music office (503-699-1814 ext. 2) to set up an appointment with Mark. If you need coaching on Skype before the lesson, Mark will connect with you a few days before the lesson to walk you through the process (it's quite easy!).

  3. Third, at the appointed time, Mark calls you on Skype, and away you go. Have your guitar in your lap, your computer camera and microphone aimed at you, and be ready with your questions and requests. Mark can help players at all levels - beginning to advanced - with hand position, relaxation, tone production, musicality, interpretation, music theory, fretboard visualization, fingerpicking, strumming, arranging, improvisation, slide guitar, alternate tunings, and tons of other topics. Lessons are customized to each individual student. Mark also makes available to his Skype students his private-students-only repertoire - about 1,500 titles!

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45 Minute Lessons at $65.00 Each
1 Hour Lessons at $85.00 Each

Contact Tami for more information and to schedule a lesson with Mark!
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