Seminar Wrap Up

2015 Accent on Music Guitar Seminar

July 22-25, 2015

Terry Robb, Mark Hanson and Jeff Peterson ripped it up on "Avalon"
and four other tunes at the end of the Public Concert.


Mark Hanson's 16th Annual Accent On Music Fingerstyle Guitar Seminar is now behind us. Several long-time attendees said it was the best ever, equal to or surpassing 2014!

Our new Hawaiian friend Jeff Peterson should be better known. He is a great teacher, a consummate composer and arranger, great fingerstyle soloist, and a wonderful jazz improviser. He is known mostly in the Hawaiian slack key circles, but has a very broad range of abilities and interests. He travels the world concertizing under the auspices of the U.S.A. State Department. A musical sponge, Jeff played a recent instrumental composition at the public concert entitled "Morocco" in C2 tuning, inspired by listening to native string players on a recent trip there. Our students were thrilled with Jeff in all respects.

Our old and dear friend Terry Robb, a walking encyclopedia of the blues, was equally appreciated by our attendees. Terry wowed folks with his lightning fast blues fingerpicking and singing, his amazingly adept lead guitar work, and his vast knowledge of the blues and its fingerpicking heritage. He inspired our attendees by explaining the differences among the fingerstyle approaches of the great historical players, demonstrating how to play like they did, and connecting the techniques and songs with the history and culture that gave rise to their development. And, Terry can be really funny!

Highlights this year included morning master classes from each teacher, lunch at several Portland institutions, and small classes with each teacher each afternoon. Evening activities included dinners at brewpubs, a mini-concert by national fingerpicking champ Doug Smith, a student recital, and a ripping public concert Saturday eve featuring Mark, Jeff and Terry.

We all had fun and were thoroughly engaged. We look forward to the 2016 seminar!

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