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  • FretsMagazine1987
    On a lovely 1987 afternoon in Cupertino, California - at Guitar Player magazine's 20th anniversary celebration - Mark and Greta and the Frets magazine and GPI staff had the pleasure of jamming onstage with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. (Jerry was on GP's advisory board.) As we recall, we played about a half-hour set that included Grateful Dead and Beatles tunes. Left to right: Greta Pedersen, David Sweet, Mark Hanson, Phil Hood, Elisa Welch, Jerry Garcia, Roger Siminoff, Joe Verri (behind on bass), Jim Hatlo.
    Photo courtesy of longtime Guitar Player editor Jas Obrecht. Thanks, Jas!
  • DSCN4642
    Greg and Margie Mirken loaned this 19th-century Martin to Mark for an afternoon. Had to leave it there at the end of the day - too bad! Attire courtesy of the Sierra Nevadas in February.
  • 4779
    Mark with his daughter Marta at a guitar player's "heaven on earth" - West 48th St. in NYC.
  • 4879
    Student Rick Glick playing "Flier" at the summer '12 student recital.
  • 5032
    2012 Seminar attendee Josep Ferrandiz and Mark dueting on "In the Mood" at the student recital.
  • 5039
    2012 Seminar attendee Stu Frazier and Mark after dueting on "Last Steam Engine Train" at the student recital. Stu plays a "Stu"pendous version in Drop-D tuning!
  • 5073
    Mark gave a concert in the acoustic room at Chicago Music Exchange on November 9, 2012. It was great fun, and what a sound in that room! Notice Elvis peering over Mark's shoulder. He's smiling, so hopefully he approved!
  • P1210004
    Mark recording in the Eagle Canyon Studio
    in Southern California.
    Photo courtesy of Dave Kirkey
  • P1210001
    Mark recording in the Eagle Canyon Studio
    in Southern California.
    Photo courtesy of Dave Kirkey.
  • P1200007-2
    Mark Hanson working on Christmas arrangments
    in Coto de Caza, California.
    Photo courtesy of Dave Kirkey of Eagle Canyon Music.
  • P1180001
    Mark entertaining at the Music Sales Corp. booth
    at the NAMM show.
    Photo courtesy of Dave Kirkey.