Private Lessons

Mark Hanson's Individual Private Guitar Lessons

I began teaching guitar professionally at the age of 20, which gives me many decades of experience in the one-on-one guitar lesson format. Most often I am able to fairly quickly ascertain what a new student knows and needs, after which we are able to focus on achieving his/her goals in an efficient and enjoyable fashion. And I take requests - sometimes under advisement!

Available Formats
In-person lessons are always best, but modern technology allows for "virtual in-person" online lessons from nearly anywhere in the world. If you are in the Pacific NW, you are welcome in my studios in West Linn or Portland. If the travel distance is too great for regular visits, SKYPE and iChat online are very workable formats. I am also happy to teach privately when I am on the road. Check my calendar to see if I am in your area. Students are welcome on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or intermittent basis.

For Beginners
My degree in music allows me to teach the "classical" approach, but I prefer to use the "folky/pop" approach for beginners. That is, we strum chords and play familiar songs until a good sense of time, rhythm and song structure are developed; and the ability to change chords smoothly and accurately is well underway. At that point, we can develop more strumming techniques, and begin a fingerpicking program.

For Intermediates
Most of my students are intermediates, or "developing" intermediates, and want to fingerpick in the fashion of the masters. I have written numerous teaching manuals on the subject, and augment all of this material with other currently unpublished material that I have developed over the years. I use clearly defined teaching programs, but I customize each according to the interests and abilities of the student. 

For the More Advanced
I am always thrilled to work with high-level students. I have studied with countless masters over the years (some in person, but most by lifting tunes and licks off their recordings!), and am happy to pass along approaches, outlooks and techniques that I have absorbed and developed. I enjoy teaching people how to listen critically, how to arrange, compose and improvise, and generally how to become better musicians as well as guitar players. 

I have had several great teachers myself over the years who provided me with considerable insight and inspiration. I strive to be a teacher like that for students who study with me!

Contact Mark Hanson about private lessons by e-mail or at (503) 699-1814