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Alternate Tunings for Fingerstyle Guitar (DVD)  

Mark Hanson

This is the DVD-format release of Mark Hanson's well received video on Alternate Tunings.

Mark Hanson is well known for his throrough knowledge of alternate tunings for the guitar. His books on the subject--The Complete Book of Alternate Tunings and Alternate Tunings Picture Chords--are best sellers in the industry. Mark makes much of this material available in DVD format, with four complete fingerstyle tunes to boot.

Mark dissects four great tunings--Open-D, Open-G, DADGAD (Celtic tuning), and CGDGBE (Hawaiian slack key)--showing you an abundance of great chords, scale positions, and parallel thirds and sixths--useful material that gives you a quick yet thorough understanding of the tunings. Then Mark takes you note-for-note through each fingerstyle piece.

The tunes include a barnburning slide tune called "Grease Monkey," a beautiful Celtic tune called "Drake's Passage," a lilting Hawaiian slack key piece called "Spouting Horn," and the lovely ballad "DeDe's Walk." All are Hanson originals. Tablature is included.

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